Ryan's 60 day transformation!

"P7 may not have been the beginning of my fitness journey but it has ABSOLUTELY accelerated me to the next level.  Admittedly, I first came to P7 fairly lean and well conditioned from years of daily HIIT training, but I told Tim that I think I plateaued in terms of strength and muscle growth and had reached the limitations of what my previous routine could offer.  My personal goal was to build more muscle and I was looking for a gym that could help me do that while providing professional but affordable coaching.  In only a couple months at P7 I've already gained over 5 pounds of lean muscle and am lifting significantly heavier weight than before!  P7 was exactly what I was looking for and the results are exactly what I wanted."

Ashley's 12-week transformation!

"At the beginning of September 2018 I decided to try out a new gym and committed to eating better. I am so happy that I did! I would have never guessed my body would change so much in such a short period of time. Thank you Tim and Performance 7 Fitness for kicking my Ass during the workouts! I've not only lost Fat but I've also gained muscle The workouts are a perfect mix of strength and cardio. I love working out at P7 and I highly recommend this place. Thanks Again!"

Jodi's Testimonial


I had been working out at a big name studio for the last 18 months when I decided it was time for a change. P7 advertises a “35-minute workout” and “no classes”, which is perfect for a working mom like me with a busy schedule. I was sold after my trial session- I knew this type of HIIT workout would challenge and push me beyond what I had been doing. The owner, Tim, is genuinely interested in building a community (P7 Family) of people who want to better themselves. He keeps the workout fun (even when it hurts) and has his own special way of motiving each person. Since joining the P7 family at the beginning of October 2018, I can see the changes in my body- I’m stronger, my muscles have more definition, and I’ve settled in at a new weight that is 6 pounds lighter than when I started. And I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! This workout is a great way to spend 35 minutes of your day working on yourself. It’s never the same, and sometimes it’s hard, but it’s so worth it when you see the results!